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A powerful coaching conversation can change your life INSTANTLY

Hi, I’m jaiq

…and I can help you bring about the change you want to see in your life with a simple conversation over coffee.
Change can start from today. What are you waiting for?

Is coaching for me?

Are you fed up of the daily grind and wish you could break free?

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to this life or ask; ‘what if’… ?

Is there something in your life that you’d love to change? 

Do you ever say you’ll do one thing but then do the opposite?

Are you struggling to make the life you want a reality? 

1. Is there more to life than this?

Yes. Yes there is… What’s stopping you? Let me show you the true nature of your blockages and help set you free from self-imposed limitations and low self-belief.

2. Will I ever find love?

Love is, as the song goes, all around. Let me help you to see where your relationship fears and doubts are coming from and point you in the direction of heartfelt love.

3. Will I ever get over this pain?

Nothing, no matter how sad, devastating or terrible can ever destroy your capacity for happiness. Let me introduce you to a profound truth that will help you to smile at life again.

4. Is there a way I can achieve my goals quickly?

Let me help focus you in the direction of your best life and share with you an understanding so impactful, that, if your hear  what I have to tell you, the trajectory of your life will immediately change forever.

5. Can I be a better human than I am now?

We all can, my friend. Whether you want to be a better boss, a more loving & calm parent, an effective advocate for positive change or a high-performing sportsperson; ‘better’ starts today.

What does a coach do?

A coach will have honest, heartfelt conversations with you about your beliefs, your approaches, your behaviours, your thinking and your desired outcomes.

A coach will have a different perspective to you and will call you out on any thought patterns, behaviours or approaches that limit your growth.

A coach will help you free yourself from all the negative stories you repeat and every limiting belief or fear you’ve ever held.

A coach is a change-maker who will share their experiences of the human condition in simple-to-understand, yet profound, communications for the benefit of your evolution.

A coach will be able to say those things you sometimes can’t. Bringing in an objective pair of eyes to an issue can stimulate open and frank discussion. Once issues are resolved, everyone can move forward.

A coach can help you to see the truth of your experiences and help you identify what is really at the root of your problems other than offering unhelpful platitudes.

A coach has often worked with many people from many backgrounds, in many situations and with many presenting problems, so will have a catalogue of experiences they can draw from to help you.

A coach is in the field of people-helping for the benefit of his or her clients and will want a successful outcome for you as much as you want it for yourself.

A coach will help you connect with your inner-wisdom and will point you towards making lasting, profound and positive changes in your life.